The art schism and a way forward

There is the completely new and the completely old in the art-world today.
I would say that they aren’t what we ought to be striving for.

On the one hand, there are artists whose work can be hardly categorized, and on the other hand, completely anachronistic figurative artists, such as Will St.John and Roberto Ferri.

The art of today isn’t one or the other, and I believe it can’t look exclusively to the past or to the future if its perspective is to be complete and compelling.

I believe the artist of today must find a new balance between opposing forces and concepts — the old and the new, modern life and universal meaning, thought and feeling, concept and technique… for the balance has been lost and today we have two or more opposing strands of art, each pulling in their own direction.

Indeed, today we are like the donkeys pulling in opposite directions, each trying to accomplish the same goal in different ways and being deprived of doing so by the other.

I’m a creative striving to create meaning and help others do the same.