Some thoughts

It seems that the trans-personal means identifying as nothing and as everything simultaneously, where the duality between “me” and “other”
fades completely. I imagine this to be the experience mystics have and the perspective from which they operate.

We live in a culture today which sees humans as a something (the ego), and it intends to make that ego bigger, and therefore better, through multiple external sources and parameters such as academic achievement, a good job or making a lot of money, a big house, a fit body, an attractive partner, a certain number of followers, so on and so forth — which in their perceived lack would indicate a small identity and cause unhappiness.

It’s not that one shouldn’t (want to) have those experiences, it’s that one’s identity and wellbeing ought not to be conditioned by external factors, but exclusively be sourced from within, if it is to be sustainable and truly meaningful.

The journey of self realization means asking the question of:
what is this being?

Is it a mental construct?Is it the body’s matter? Is it energy? What is it?
What do I refer to when I speak of “myself”?

Is a human being one of multiple parts? If so, which ones?

What constitutes my core, my essence, my true self?



I’m a creative striving to create meaning and help others do the same.

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