It is our choice

Nil Inglis - Thinking Art Loud
2 min readJul 10, 2021

To (re?)define art to: the cultural expressions that are of human value — human value meaning that which adds to our experience of life.

Another way of stating this is: the highest aim of art is to consciously
make us experience the totality of life, its essence, its very being.

We intuitively create and choose on that basis already, but we often follow pre-existing patterns and beliefs that enslave us, rather than liberate us.

If we were to consciously create the best scenarios and life experiences for ourselves and the whole of humanity, instead of trying to get the most
out of the world as it is, wouldn’t we change dramatically?

Art can help us become aware of that vision,
so that we may have a clear blueprint to make manifest.

If we have ever been in need of wisdom, now is the time.
Those who have it have the responsibility and the opportunity to share it now more than ever, in a time of great change and upheaval where it will make a real difference.

Art has no content, it is an empty vessel that will take the form
of what we choose to put in it.

Art is a powerful tool. It changes the world by the simple fact that it influences what we experience, what we think about, what we believe, what we think is possible.

We can act art / life consciously or unconsciously — this is the choice of our time — and by this choice we will determine the experiences we (collectively) have.

We all long to have a full, profound, meaningful, purposeful experience of life — that is the longing of life for itself — and art can serve us toward that end, or lead us astray from it.

It is our choice.



Nil Inglis - Thinking Art Loud

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