Art, life: (re)UNITE!

Nil Inglis - Thinking Art Loud
1 min readJul 29, 2021


We’ve lost perspective, we’ve lost touch.

We have caught ourselves up with the art market, with endless and meaningless innovation, with absurd ideas that have no bearing on life, with tangents upon tangents that we have lost our north, our way.

Art today fits society today, and society today pales in comparison to the possibilities life offers.

Meaning, growth, connection, transcendence, healing, wisdom, magic and more are largely devoid from the way life is lived today, and so they are from art.

Modern life in the west has not failed, but it has advanced only in one direction, the technological / rational one, furthermore shrinking our perspective of life only to that dimension.

I think that underlying much stress, anxiety and depression is the intuitive understanding that there’s more to life than what one is experiencing, and in feeling oneself separate from it (as from our true self) creates frustration and resentment, leading to the other more potent negative feelings.

Art will always bring us back to the core, the essence of humanity because its source and destiny is there.

The more we recognize and strive for that, the more art will fulfill its function, which is not practical but spiritual, in generating awareness and possibility and thus catalyzing growth in the human spirit.

Art shifts and can enhance consciousness.

Art is creativity, and creativity is at the core of the human being, because it is the core of creation itself. One of God’s names is the Creative Source, and I’m guessing that’s for a reason.



Nil Inglis - Thinking Art Loud

I’m a creative striving to create meaning and help others do the same.