It’s a tricky question. Different situations ask for diverse artistic expressions to represent, respond and engage with them.

Art can deepen our experience of life, make us aware of issues and possibilities we hadn’t considered, wake us up from false assumptions and introduce new ideas that shape society.

Currently, I…

In this post I’ll try to describe the way Art is and works, beyond any ideological preferences. In any case, it will still be the way I see things.

The purpose of this post is to gain clarity on what is actually happening and what it is we are actually…

  • Art is a connecting, unifying force. It can be used for the opposite, but it functions optimally with that intention. I think this is because art can only be created out of love. The requirement to doing anything is balance, especially when it comes to making art.
  • Art is not…

We’ve lost perspective, we’ve lost touch.

We have caught ourselves up with the art market, with endless and meaningless innovation, with absurd ideas that have no bearing on life, with tangents upon tangents that we have lost our north, our way.

Art today fits society today, and society today pales…

Life still exists. Life goes on. We still need answers, we still have problems to solve, issues to deal with, possibilities to make manifest, many things to learn and remember.

If what is called contemporary art wants nothing to with it, it is their problem, and as long as there…

The artistic question is: how to express?

The fundamental question is: what to express?

I believe it must be life, the human element and experience,
for there is no other content in art.

One can deconstruct everything, and in the end be no closer to understanding or appreciating it.


It seems that the trans-personal means identifying as nothing and as everything simultaneously, where the duality between “me” and “other”
fades completely. I imagine this to be the experience mystics have and the perspective from which they operate.

We live in a culture today which sees humans as a something…

To (re?)define art to: the cultural expressions that are of human value — human value meaning that which adds to our experience of life.

Another way of stating this is: the highest aim of art is to consciously
make us experience the totality of life, its essence, its very being.

Thank you contemporary art.

Thank you for giving me sufficient contrast to garner clarity.

Thank you for showing me exactly who and what I don’t want to be.

Thank you for falling so low you’ve revealed to me how high I want to go.

Thank you for your meaninglessness, for…

The whole point of art is to create meaning, to add meaning to our lives.

As what we find meaningful changes, the art we make changes.

Before, there was only one main current (with minor sub-currents) for the artist to choose from. Since modern art, the scope and diversity of…

Nil Inglis - Thinking Art Loud

I’m a creative striving to create meaning and help others do the same.

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